Tome of the Damned

The Story of Lady Agony

The Guardian of Deadwind Pass and Channeler of the Damned
The IC Journal/Story of Cyen Scytheel's fall from grace
| Agony | Inner Peace | Wyrmrest Accord |

Within the Room

Agatha put down her journal and her things on a table right outside of the door to her mother’s room. She walked up to it slowly, holding her scythe in one hand and one of her mother’s tomes in the other. She let out a soft chant, closing her eyes as she approached the door, but no sooner did she start to chant did a strange rune appear faintly on the darkened wood. Agatha approached the door, running her fingers across the runes intricate detailing and reading off each word she could decipher. She stood back.

"Clever…" Agatha said as she took a few steps back. She opened up her mother’s tome to the right page and began to whisper in demonic, her voice splitting into many as she repeated the words within the tome. Her eyes engulfed themselves in green fel flames. As she finished reading the tome, she casted it aside and held onto the grip of her scythe with both hands. Artfully, she twirled it around herself; the blade cutting through the air making a sharp, ear piercing sound. The blade of the scythe lit up in fel green flames as Agatha spun it through the air. With one angular swing from her left down to her right, the flames from the blade flew up to the run and ignited the rune in fire! The dark violet rune lit up in brilliant fel green before burning up and disappearing.

The soft click of the door latch was heard and Agatha walked up to the door, pushing it slowly open. It was dark inside; no light could penetrate the darkness. The door behind Agatha closed, sealing her within the darkened room. Agatha’s green flamed eyes peered through the darkness and as soon as she spotted something, she held up her hand, igniting a ball of fire within her palm. 

The room revealed only a tiny bit of itself to Agatha, but it still wasn’t enough to see everything. “I know they’re here…” she said as she casted her fel flame at a random part of the room. Suddenly the room burst into flames and thousands of candles lit up the darkened room! Agatha’s eyes went wide. Thousands of candles lined the room from the bottom to the top and near the exit to another door was a giant bon fire that began to hiss and crackle.

The room was covered in cob webs and some of the candles had melted into unmoving waterfalls of wax. There was a large bend that had been made near the back of the room, covered in dust and debris. Nearest the bed were tomes, stacked neatly next to it, each different shades of violet and black. Agatha walked over to the tomes and dusted one of them off, but as soon as she did… a faint whisper echoed through the room…


Agatha froze. She looked around and then to the very back of the room. Her eyes went wide as she spotted something bathed in the green light of her candles. She approached a large piece of furniture with a silk drape thrown over it. Bloody hand prints lined the fine, violet silk and piece of wood were splintered beneath it.

Her heart raced as she reached out for the silk. She held onto it tightly, letting out a gulp as she instantly knew what it was. With one hard tug, Agatha pulled the silk cloth… revealing a mirror that looked just like her own. Carved into the frame of the mirror were the many eels slithering around it, hissing and screaming at one another; frozen in time.

Agatha peered at herself in the mirror, her heart racing as she gazed wide eyed into it.  Out of the darkness approached a familiar figure, her black and blonde hair falling in front of her face. She placed a hand on Agatha’s shoulder and whispered in her ear, her hair falling out of her face revealing a violet eye that smoldered softly.

"Welcome home…"

Agatha screamed, her voice echoing through the room. She shut her eyes, looking away from the mirror and then back at it. Only her reflection was reflected in the mirror and nothing else stirred within. Agatha breathed heavily, spooked by the figure and shook her head.

"I can’t let anyone see this… " 

She took the mirror and placed the silk cloth over it again. She stood back, looking over the large artifact. She sat over at the bed, not bothering to dust it off. She’d sit there the rest of the night, staring at the covered mirror as if expecting to see something rise up out of the silk and come through to her realm….

"The Mirror of the Damned… the window into the other side…."

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